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Your e-health strategy has to be future-proof, vendor-free and adaptable

There are numerous systems on which you can base your e-health strategy, but many factors will determine whether your strategy is a functioning e-health programme or just an idea.

How we run this kind of project?

Maximum vendor independence

openEHR system is open IP, meaning that data exchange from and to Better Platform is vendor neutral and straightforward, even if the other system is not based on openEHR platform.

Virtual community

The OpenEHR platform is open for multivendor adoption and engagement, irrespective of the underlying vendor or technology. The applications can come from a 3rd party, customer’s internal team, Better, or an entirely new development.

Adaptability and economies of scale

With its maximum data set, the Better Platform supports all use cases on the data collection layer in single or multiple locations, with almost any number of patients.

Developing your own IP on top of the platform

Using different associated tools, the customer is able to easily implement innovative business models, care coordination protocols and pathways.

Find out how we managed the exchange of clinical data among all the stakeholders in Slovenia.

Empower your national strategy with our solution to everyone's gain.

Benefits for the authorities

Availability of healthcare data to monitor population health and resources, and manage healthcare policies, standards and legislation.

Benefits for healthcare providers

Patient data is stored in different formats, using different standards and technologies, which results in fragmented our outdated information, input and access data to multiple systems, and increased healthcare costs.