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Empower your national strategy with our data solution!

Completed clinical data exchange in under 4 months

  • infrastructure for all eHealth systems including referrals, patient summaries and health registries
  • standardised patient and provider identification and data privacy mechanisms enabling acceptable and reliable health data privacy based on patient consent
  • ready for cross-border integrations

openEHR across the whole of the Moscow city

  • Outpatient clinics: 660+
  • Patients: 9+ million
  • Beds in hospitals: 83.000
  • Doctors: 23.600
  • Nearly 500.000 online data entries daily
  • More than 287 million appointment bookings per year
  • Documents per year: 1 billion 25TB
  • Project involved more than 4500 IT specialists from over 30 Russian IT companies

Malta goes openEHR

  • Mandating the use of clinical data models developed by healthcare domain experts.
  • Preventing vendor lock-in to enable easy implementation of future healthcare solutions.
  • Enabling incremental procurement adapted to the needs and resources.
  • Committing providers to base their products and services using the same specifications.
  • Technically compatible components enabling the best-of-breed approach.

How we do it